Dr. Peter Russell’s Biography

Dr. Peter Russell: Consciousness as an AnomalyPeter Russell is a graduate of Cambridge University in England. During his studies he realized that while mathematics and physics were subjects he excelled in, his true passion was to explore the mystery of the human mind, a subject that science alone cannot explain. Dissatisfied with traditional religions, Dr. Russell headed for India to search for spiritual enlightenment and pursue his interest in experimental psychology.  While there, he studied mediation and eastern philosophy starting his life-long journey into the exploration of consciousness. Upon his return to the UK he was offered and accepted the first ever research position for neuropsychology of meditation. Dr. Russell also earned a post-graduate degree in the field of computer science paving the way for his future work with three dimensional objects. His work in personal development, stress management and sustainable environmental practices garnered the attention of major corporations such as IBM, Apple, American Express, Shell oil, and BP. In fact, the environmental magazine Buzzworm voted Peter Russell “Eco-Philosopher Extraordinaire” of the year in 1993. The idea that the mind is the central guide in every aspect of life, including business, resulted in highly sought after and acclaimed programs from Peter Russell. His ideas and programs have made him a fellow for The World Business Academy.

In addition to his work within the business world, Dr. Russell is also a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Findhorn Foundation, and an honorary Member of The Club of Budapest. He is also an author of critically acclaimed books such as The Brain Book, The Global Brain, Waking up in Time, and From Science to God. The combination of scientific mathematics and forward thinking philosophy make Dr. Russell one of the most sought after minds of modern times. He has appeared and spoken at hundreds of conventions, television shows, and radio programs in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Complementing his authored writings, Dr. Russell has also created two separate multi-image shows and videos one entitled The Global Brain and the other The White Hole in Time. These presentations have won prizes and praise from around the world. In the 70s Mr. Russell joined forces with Tony Buzan to create mind maps. These mind maps created an innovative way to study, organize, and remember things mentally. Mind maps were used to educate both students and corporations on how to effectively use the mind to enhance business and private life.

Throughout his career Dr. Russell has brought fresh ideas into the science behind consciousness and spirituality. The idea that God is within has propelled spirituality into a whole new realm of thought and life. Without the work of Dr. Peter Russell many would never have awakened to a new way of thinking about life, spirituality, and what we call consciousness, and for that we thank him.

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